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Guide the most common dental disease ┆Public health

 Ways to prevent or cure a disorders (painful) that can hiden in your mouth.

  •  Dental caries
  Tooth decay occurs when not allowed to plaque, a sticky film of bacteria that form when dealing with sugars or starches, to back down on the teeth for too long.

 What you do: 
use a brush with fluoride toothpaste and floss every day. Children can also benefit from sealants (plastic coatings of the teeth) also for the elderly: those who have a tendency toward dry mouth should receive regular doses of fluoride and that by the dentist.

  • Periodontal disease
 A pathogenic bacteria caused by plaque that attacks the gums, ligaments and bone that keep your teeth in place.  And knew at an early stage gum inflammation, and advanced stage in the periodontitis.

  What you do: 
 You follow your dentist regularly, and tell your doctor if you feel gum bleeding or pain. Periodontitis can be reversed with regular flossing and brushing.To combat gingivitis, the dentist conduct deep cleaning around the teeth and prescribe medication to fight infection. If the disease  has progressed and have an effect on your gums and bone, the dentist may recommend surgery, like a gum graft.

  • Inflammation of Tooth
 The pulp within the tooth is broken or becomes infected due to injury or decay . the basis of canal, that connects the highest pulp chamber to the tip of the basis}, might become infected , too.

What you do:
 If you feel pain in or around the teeth, see your dentist. Can refer you to an endodontist, who specializes in root canal procedures.In (1-3) visits, the doctor can perform the notorious root canal (which is much less painful than they were to be). Can remove the pulp, clean the pulp chamber and root canal, then fill the tooth. Finally, he may seal the teeth with porcelain or a crown of gold.

  • Dental Erosion
Exposure to acid, primarily from soda or citrus drinks, will affect the surface of the teeth, creating them rounded and discolored. Over brushing will have an analogous result on enamel close to the gum lines.

What you do:
 If necessary, teeth is restored with bonding materials. however to forestall more injury, you have got to vary your habits. If soft drinks are the culprit, as an example, switch to water. Second best is to drink sodas (or sports drinks) with a full meal or sip them through a straw, then follow with a tooth brushing, sugarless gum, or a decent swish of water within the mouth. If the matter is overbrushing, a soft-bristled brush or an electrical toothbrush could be a begin. A dentist or a hygienist will demonstrate correct, light brushing technique.

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