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Ways to combat sleep apnea and sleep better ┆Tip of the day

In case you have a controversy sleeping, you are not alone. The National Institutes of Health say that ten to 15 of older adults experience at least symptom of insomnia a few times per week.


There's ways to cope with insomnia -- is a series of sayings you can do it yourself. The other requires me help of a trained therapist and is called cognitive -- behavioral therapy for insomnia .

Things you can do yourself
  • Don't live in your bedroom. Use it only for sleeping and sex, not reading or watching TV. This helps condition your mind to the fact that when you go bed it is to sleep.
  •  Be positive to stay in the dark. You can be kept awake by the light from an LED clock. Either convert your eyes with a mask or pull your shades tight. In case you do wake up at night and need a light, make positive it is a dim.
  •  Eat a bit. You don't need to need a heavy meal before going to bed, but hunger can keep you awake. So, try chewing on HQ crackers, peanuts, or a couple of cookies before bedtime.
  •  Try for twenty minutes and then go in to another room. In case you are still tossing and turning after twenty minutes, get up and go in to another room and do something calm and uninteresting such as reading a bad book or an instruction manual.
  • Make your bedding soft. Use an fluffy pillow for a cushy comforter as this can go a long way towards helping you sleep soundly.
  •  Sleep to a schedule. You ought to sleep and rise simultaneously every day an even on weekends. It doesn't matter whether you are an early bird or a night owl. make and keep to a schedule.
  •  Don't nap. Sleeping in the work of the day can basically rob you of sleep at night.

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