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3 Things You Can Do Now to Prevent Mosquitoes

Prevent mosquitoes as they are the biggest germ carriers who can inject clusters of germs into the person whom they bite. Prevent spreading them of to ensure that you not only live a disease free environment, but also live in an environment that is free of annoying mosquito bites. Mosquitoes are known as malaria causers–which can be fatal. Here are the top 3 ways to prevent mosquitoes.

3 Ways to Prevent Mosquitoes

Dispose any standing water

Mosquitoes can breed even at an inch of stagnant water; therefore, you need to dispose any standing water that may be around you. If the gutters are faulty, hire a roofer to correct them. Also, clean these gutters to ensure that they don’t trap water in stagnant pools.

If you have buckets, birdfeeders or any other water features that can collect water, check them to ensure that there is no standing water in them. If there is standing water, ensure you dispose it.

Finally, ensure that the rain barrels are tightly closed and there is no water pooling around in your compound.

Cut down overgrown vegetation

According to the American mosquito control association, mosquitoes breed on overgrown weed and vegetation. So, if you have any long grass or bushy trees around your compound, to effectively prevent spread of mosquitoes, ensure you cut it down.

If you opt to use pesticides on your property, make sure you consult a professional pest control expert. By consulting an expert, it will ensure that your trees and shrubs are properly sprayed.
Be your brother’s keeper
You can’t effectively prevent spread of mosquitoes from your property if your neighbour has stagnant water where mosquitoes can breed. Find out if your neighbour has standing water around their compound and help in disposing it. For example, if your neighbour has a swimming pool that is not running, help them in unblocking it.
Having neighbours with breeding grounds for mosquitoes will sabotage your efforts of preventing mosquito spread. So, for you to be successful in your mission, it’s paramount that you help them in eradicating these breeding zones.

By taking precautionary measures, you will effectively prevent spread of mosquitoes and in turn comfortably watch the setting of the sun without any mosquito bites.

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