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6 Benefits of Sunlight You Should Know

Despite the dangers associated with chronic exposure to sunlight, sunlight is beneficial to you. By treating sunlight as a friend, and using it responsibly, you will reap its full benefits. Below are 6 benefits of sunlight you should know.

Sunlight prevents cancer

Your body is able to convert sunlight to vitamin D. The vitamin D formed is the one responsible for preventing different types of cancer.

It’s not well known how sunlight prevents cancer; however, research done University of California and San Diego, have demonstrated that people exposed to sunlight have an up to 60% probability of avoiding cancer.

The main types of cancer that sunlight has been found to effectively protect are: colon, breast and ovarian cancers.

Sunlight contributes to bone health

It is a well known fact that sunlight stimulates the uptake of calcium from the GIT and into the bone. The uptake increases the calcification of bones hence contributing to bone health.

During the process of manufacturing vitamin D from sunlight, vitamin D3 is formed. Research has shown direct correlation between the blood vessels of vitamin D3 and bone density, where higher vitamin D3 blood vessels are attributed to a larger bone density and thus good bone health.

Sunlight prevents multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis or MS as is popularly known is more common in areas north of equator where the amount of sunlight is limited.

Research has shown that moving to a region of low sunlight before the age of 15 increases the chances of developing MS. However, moving to a region of low sunlight after 15 years, one has a low risk of developing MS. This shows that sunlight is vital in preventing MS during the early part of life.

Sunlight reduces Alzheimer’s

Clinical research has clearly demonstrated that exposure of patients suffering from Alzheimer’s to sunlight during the day reduces the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. These symptoms include: agitation, nighttime wakefulness, nighttime activity.

Sunlight heightens your moods

A study done to demonstrate the relationship between sunlight and moods, clearly shown that: when you are exposed to sunlight, more serotonin levels are produced. The high serotonin heightens you moods, helping you to fight mild depression.

Sunlight improves sleep quality

Sunlight stimulates natural production of melatonin in the body. Increased production of melatonin increases the quality of sleep at night.

Benefits of Sunlight-Conclusion

Sunlight is indeed beneficial to your health. Although, it’s beneficial, it’s important to protect yourself from the harmful sun rays that cause skin cancer. To ensure you are always protected, whenever you are out on the sun, always wear sunscreen.

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