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Foods to Improve Sperm Count

Normal sperm count is one of the essential components of fertility where count between 20 and 40 million per milliliter is considered normal. Lack of sperm count is one of the leading causes of male infertility. The best way to keep up the sperm count is healthy diet, which can help in development and growth of sperms. There are several foods to improve sperm count some of them are given below.


It contains things like allicin which not only improve blood circulation to the genital organs and encourage formation of sperm but also prevent already formed sperms from damaging. Selenium and vitamin B6 present in garlic also takes part in sperms protection and increase the production of male hormone testosterone.


It somewhat acts like garlic and work by relaxing muscles, boosting testosterone levels, improving blood flow to the genital region and enhancing sexual desire and performance. According to a study conducted at South Illinois University, it can also be used to treat erectile dysfunction.


This green vegetable is one of the best foods to improve sperm count as it is busting with vitamin C which is not only a very powerful antioxidant but also protects the testicular cells.
Walnuts: Walnuts contain arganine which enhance testicular sperm production and help increase semen volume. The omega-3 fatty acids present in walnuts increases the blood flow to the testicles. Other then this it also contains antioxidants which not only prevents sperm from oxidation but also protects the body from other harmful products. Walnuts are also well known for its cholesterol lowering properties.

Dark chocolate:

This is one of the foods to improve sperm count which will also act as a mood setter. Dark chocolate contain L-arginine HCL which acts like walnuts arginine and increase the sperm count and semen volume. Dark chocolate is also well known for its high antioxidant content.


They are one of the best foods to improve sperm count as they have high proportion of zinc which not only increase sperm count but when coupled with amino acid have a miraculous effects on sperm motility as well. Oysters have been considered as an aphrodisiac since ancient roman times. A study published in Journal of Laboratory Clinical Medicine showed a directly proportional link between amount of zinc and sperm count.


It have a power to increase sperm count by not actually producing more sperms but by reducing there destruction. Pomegranate contains certain chemicals which reduces the level of bloods malondialdehyde, an organic compound responsible for sperms destruction.


This fruit can help increase sperm count as it contains an enzyme called bromelain which have an ability of regulation of sex hormones. It also contains several vitamins such as B1, A and C which not only have anti oxidant properties but also increase a man’s stamina and in turn his ability to produce sperms.


Dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach contain high levels of folic acid. This, when taken in combination with high vitamin C containing products, will directly affect the health and count of sperm.

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